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Blunted Stylus - Hempatitis (Coloured vinyl + insert + bonus 7)

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Blunted Stylus - Hempatitis (Coloured vinyl + insert + bonus 7)

HEMPATITIS – Produced and pieced together by Jigzaw Geoff and DJ Fib
includes postage !!
We are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of this ground-breaking release with a limited edition coloured vinyl bonus pack. Featuring full cover artwork and a double-sided insert consisting of production notes and 'back in the day' images.

"A kaleidoscope of jazz, funk, blues, and soul exactingly pieced together, rhythmically manipulated, and interpreted through the language of hip hop"

Specifically remastered for vinyl by Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering. All tracks were re-transferred and compiled from the original master recordings by Dan Elleson (Koolism) overseen by Hangmad Productions.

Included is a bonus 7" single of the BLUNTED STYLUS original 1995 sample slammer "Grinnin' While Ya Spinnin'', and on the flip, RESIN DOGS 1998 version Grinnin' (We got wot U need) featuring LAZY GREY.

Hempatitis 12" LP HMAD1201 / HMAD701

Side A
1. Hempatitis
2. Grinnin’ While Ya Spinnin’
3. Wot - Blow Your Mind - Bob Jam

Side B
1. What Can You Bring Me? (Smoke the tapes)
2. Grinstrumental
3. Pick Up Your Shit
4. The Other Man’s Grass

Grinnin' 7" single
Side A Grinnin' While Ya Spinnin' - BLUNTED STYLUS 1995
Side B Grinnin' featuring Lazy Grey - RESIN DOGS 1998

Catalogue number: HMAD1201
Format: 12” vinyl LP + 7" vinyl Single

- Full-colour cover (first time ever)
- Double-sided insert with historical liner notes
- Limited edition coloured vinyl, sonically outstanding!
- Every vinyl LP is unique
- Bonus Grinnin’ 7" - Blunted Stylus 7” Series BS01
- Artwork by Hams @ Milestone Workshop
- Remastered by Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering
- 200/200 bonus packs available only
- price includes postage/packing within Australia

The coloured vinyl record is protected by the new Australian made anti-static, archive quality 'Groove Sleeve', and picture cover showcased in the neo-translucent, perfect-fit outer sleeve, both from The Groove Man.
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