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BLUNTED STYLUS – Corner Pieces

BLUNTED STYLUS – Corner Pieces

Corner Pieces CD album
Hydrofunk Records HF-39 - 2004
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Album 4 featuring Jigzaw’s inimitable approach to funk-jazz sampling & production, with many varied styles & guests collaborating on tracks produced and pieced together from sampled funk, jazz, spoken word, and kids records.

Highlights include,

Track 2, KOOLISM, Breakin’ Thru’ once again with Hau’s love of music and fam’ lyrics, and Danielson’s keyboard over-dubs inspired by “the Champ” Hip Hop breakbeat classic from The Mohawk’s.

BROTHERS STONEY getting Down-To-Earth with sample descriptions over beats and quotes from old Australiana spoken word 45s and flexis, “How exciting!”.

QURO-mystic, (Fuglemen / Reference Point) hits that ambient dream state of the world we live in. Alarm-clock – Up – Participate – repeat – Mind Alarm!!

Renowned Australian concert pianist Charlie Chan has her solo from “Crossings” appear on Zebra-X against a soulful sample laden Blunted Stylus backdrop. This instrumental piece of music also appears on Robyn Loau’s 2011 album with vocals as ‘Zebra Crossing’.

1. Screech (Theme from) 02:18
2. Breakin Thru (featuring Koolism) 04:10
3. Double Basic 05:24
4. Young People... Dig! 04:27
5. Records Man 01:22
6. Zebra X (featuring Charlie Chan) 03:24
7. Mind Alarm (feat MC QURO) 03:12
8. Beats & Jazz 04:00
9. Down To Earth (featuring Brothers Stoney) 03:58
10. Afro Source 02:47
11. What Does It Mean? 05:43
12. Coldblooded 05:19
13. Definite Dimension (feat DJ Sandro) 04:39
14. First Piece Last (No Place Like Home) 02:38
15. Fantastic album man, Mantus. 01:23

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